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Gender recognition and the rights of transgender people
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In England, Wales and Scotland, the Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against transgender children in all schools. The UK Department for Education (DfE) guidance on the Act says protections apply to those who are undergoing, have undergone, or are proposing to undergo, a gender reassignment process.
Provisions to support transgender children in schools
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A 2017 survey by the charity Stonewall found that nearly two thirds (64%) of surveyed transgender pupils reported being bullied for being LGBT. It also found three in five transgender pupils reported speaking to a member of school staff about being transgender.
Gender Recognition Act reform: consultation and outcome
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The GRA enables transgender people to achieve legal recognition in their acquired gender and change their recorded sex on their birth certificate from male to female or vice versa. At present, there is no process in any part of the UK by which transgender people may achieve legal recognition of their acquired gender based on self‑declaration only.
Transgender Equality -
15-16 Session Commons publication pdf
Transgender Equality 5 1 Introduction 1. This report, our first, is concerned with equality issues affecting transgender (or “trans”)1 people, an umbrella term describing a diverse minority group whose members often experience very stark inequality. Terminology 2. Each of us is at birth assigned a sex (male or female), based on our physical
Schools: Transgender Guidance - Hansard - UK Parliament
25-01-23 Hansard
3.38pm Asked by Lord Farmer To ask His Majesty’s Government when they intend to publish their official transgender guidance for schools. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Education (Baroness Barran) (Con) My Lords, we recognise that issues relating to sex and gender can be complex and sensitive for schools to navigate.
Transgender Prisoners - House of Commons Library
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A Ministry of Justice report published in November 2017 said there were 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales who had had a local transgender case board when data was collected in March/April 2017. 47 of the prisons in England and Wales said that they had 1 or more transgender prisoners. The review
House of Commons - Transgender Equality - Women and Equalities Committee
15-16 Session Commons publication
Transgender Equality Contents 4 Equality Act 2010 Gender reassignment as a protected characteristic 88. The Equality Act 2010 for the first time gave trans people explicit protection in their own right (in Great Britain) against discrimination. 82 The UK thereby became one of a small group of countries to have passed such legislation.
Evidence and Data on Trans Women’s Offending Rates Sullivan Richards MP ...
‘The number of transgender prisoners increased following the new regulations. The first statistics were collected in the beginning of April 2016. There were 70 transgender prisoners, defined as ‘currently living in, or are presenting in, a gender different to their sex assigned at birth’ and as having had a case conference under the
Non-binary gender recognition: law and policy - House of Commons Library
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Section 66 of the Sentencing Act 2020 provides that where a crime has been motivated by hostility based on transgender identity (among other things), the court must treat this as an aggravating factor when sentencing the offender. The Law Commission has recently conducted a detailed review of existing hate crime laws, including section 66.
Key dates - UK Parliament
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The Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act is passed on 21 November allowing women to stand for Parliament 1918 Women vote in a general election for the first time on 14 December with 8.5 million women eligible 1928 The Equal Franchise Act is passed giving women equal voting rights with men. All women aged over 21 can now vote in elections.
Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is ...
The Government must exercise its power under s.23 of the Gender Recognition Act to modify the operation of the Equality Act 2010 by specifying the terms sex, male, female, man & woman, in the operation of that law, mean biological sex and not "sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate" More details Sign this petition 77,505 signatures
Women’s health outcomes: Is there a gender gap?
Studies suggest that gender biases in clinical trials are contributing to worse health outcomes for women. A University of Leeds study found that women with a total blockage of coronary artery were 59% more likely to be misdiagnosed than men, and that UK women had more than double the rate of death in the 30 days following a heart attack.
Summary - Committees - Women and Equalities Committee
Women and Equalities Committee Commons Select Committee The Women and Equalities Committee examines the work of the Government Equalities Office (GEO). It holds Government to account on equality law and policy, including the Equality Act 2010 and cross Government activity on equalities. It also scrutinises the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
Does the law set an age at which children can't share a bedroom?
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Section 325 of the Housing Act 1985 (the ‘room standard’) provides a household may be statutorily overcrowded where children of the opposite sex over the age of 10 have to share a room. When applying the room standard a local authority looks at how sleeping arrangements within the dwelling could be organised, rather than how they are organised.
Working at the House of Commons - UK Parliament
We’re impartial and build confidence in Parliament through our integrity. Collaborative: We share our knowledge and experience. We work towards a shared vision and know we work better in partnership. Our commitment in return is to build a culture which is inclusive and enables people from a variety of backgrounds and experience to join us.
Education Committee - Summary - Committees - UK Parliament
Summary for Education Committee
Job vacancies at Parliament - UK Parliament
Working at Parliament offers a dynamic and rewarding career as well as a range of benefits to all employees including pension, generous annual leave and policies designed to promote your wellbeing and work/life balance.
1885 Labouchere Amendment - UK Parliament
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The bill was primarily concerned with the protection of women and girls by increasing the age of consent and yet this small section in the Act was a pivotal change in homosexual legislation. Unusually, this section was passed during a late night debate in the House of Commons with only a few MPs present.
Support for children and young people’s mental health (England)
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UK Parliament House of Commons Library Research Briefing Children and young people’s mental health – policy, CAMHS services, funding and education Support for children and young people’s mental health (England) Research Briefing Published Wednesday, 01 June, 2022 Research Briefing Disability Health Health services Schools Elizabeth Parkin
What's on in the Lords 23-26 January - UK Parliament
official transgender guidance for schools. Legislation Report stage of the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill began. In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, members began line by line check of the Financial Services and Markets Bill at committee stage. Regulations
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