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Parliamentary Papers - Parliament Archives
The term ‘parliamentary papers’ (sometimes called sessional papers or blue books) is used to described a number of different documents. Before starting your research you might find it useful to explore Parliament’s Making Laws pages which include information on the different types of parliamentary papers.
Written statements - Written questions, answers and statements - UK ...
Retained EU law is a category of domestic law created at the end of the transition period. It consists of EU-derived legislation that was preserved in our domestic legal framework by the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 to ensure continuity as we left the EU. However, retained EU law was never intended to sit on the statute book indefinitely.
Online Resources - Parliament Archives
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Collections - Parliament Archives
Collections The archives of Parliament are a rich and exciting resource for exploring local, national and international history from the fifteenth century to the present day. The collections also provide an unparalleled window into Parliament itself, including its architecture, administration and functions. We have five major collecting areas:
Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: HL Bill 52 of 2022–23
The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill is due to have its second reading in the House of Lords on 11 October 2022. It would exclude some provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol from applying in domestic law. The government says this is justified by necessity and consistent with international law, but others have disagreed.
ParliamentNow - UK Parliament
A website presenting information from the UK Parliament annunciator system, covering both the House of Commons and House of Lords. Similar to annunciator screens on the estate, the app provides constantly updated information on what's happening in the Chamber.
Climate change targets: the road to net zero?
The UK’s goals for COP26 are: Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach. This is the target set under the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. Mobilise finance. Work together to deliver.
Assisted Dying Bill [HL] - House of Lords Library
Assisted dying is illegal in England and Wales under section two of the Suicide Act 1961. Under this act, a person judged to have assisted the suicide or attempted suicide of another person is liable to imprisonment for up to 14 years. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 provided an exemption on bringing charges under section 2 of the 1961 act.
House of Commons Library MSOA Names -
A dataset of names for Middle-Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) produced by the House of Commons Library.
Judicial review: Time for change? - House of Lords Library
The Conservative Party’s manifesto for the December 2019 election committed to a broad review of the UK constitution. As part of this commitment, the Conservative Party said it would “ensur [e] that [judicial review] is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays”.
Women’s health outcomes: Is there a gender gap?
Paterson Inquiry Report: This report presented the findings of a government commissioned independent inquiry into Ian Paterson, a surgeon who in 2017 was convicted of wounding with intent and sentenced to 20 years in prison. It found that he subjected more than 1,000 patients to unnecessary and damaging operations over 14 years.
Votes in Parliament - UK Parliament
House of Commons votes When a vote is held in the Commons the Speaker calls a division by announcing ‘division, clear the lobbies’. MPs then vote on the topic being considered by walking through the Aye or No lobbies where their vote is recorded by clerks. Find House of Commons votes The most recent four votes in the House of Commons
About 472 results (page 24 of 24)