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CIVIL DEFENCE (Hansard, 11 June 1941)
I have heard inspired statements ever since we pressed for a State fire service—that the Astors were the first of the gauleiters, Nazis, Fascists and everything else. Now we are to have a State service. The war has a curious effect on some people, and a blitz has an even more curious effect. Nobody is more proud of local authorities or believes in them more than I do, but there is a right ...
WAR SITUATION (Hansard, 2 August 1944)
§The Prime Minister. The hon. Member had better pull himself together, because there is worse to come. The notorious Churchill tank, the most thick-skinned weapon in Europe, also won commendation.
COAL POLICY. (Hansard, 11 June 1942)
It is the Fascist labour front, and the nominees of the trade unions become gauleiters. However much hon. Members may grin, that is exactly what happens. Let us work it out in more detail. It is proposed that miners shall be transferred from one district to another, from one seam to another, and from one pit to another, moving them about like pieces on a chessboard. § Admiral of the Fleet Sir ...
HC Deb 11 November 1975 vol 899 cc1328-81 1328 § Lords Amendment: No. 61, in page 15, line 18, leave out the area of each county authority and insert "each county area". § Mr. John Silkin
Lords Chamber - Hansard - UK Parliament
25-11-11 Hansard
The Commission is not a set of gauleiters: it is the Council of Ministers which seeks agreement. As we all know, there are different procedures, including codecision, the Parliament and so on. But we can see the fallacy in the idea that Monsieur Barroso can say something and Chancellor Merkel goes down on one bended knee by just looking at yesterday’s newspapers. We hear easy examples of ...
HC Deb 27 March 1941 vol 370 cc729-826 729 § Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House do now adjourn." — [Mr. James Stuart.§ The President of the Board of Trade (Mr. Lyttelton)
ELECTRICITY BILL (Hansard, 4 February 1947)
We are in danger of passing into the hands of regional gauleiters and commissars appointed by the Minister in the name of efficiency. I feel most strongly that there is a great deal in that. If the Socialist Government are going to take away the right of the local authorities to run these local industries, the time which has been given by people who know the facts about those industries will ...
Westminster Hall - Hansard - UK Parliament
12-03-13 Hansard
It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Leigh. I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Sheffield Central (Paul Blomfield) on securing the debate and on outlining so clearly some of the issues relating to sports facilities in Sheffield. I also pay tribute to my hon.
Economic Affairs and Work and Pensions - Hansard - UK ...
08-06-10 Hansard
The deficit was forecast last year to be £173 billion, but this year it is forecast to be £156 billion—still 11%-plus of gross domestic product. UK national debt is sitting at £1.2 trillion on the treaty calculation and is forecast to rise to £1.6 trillion, approaching 90% of GDP by 2014-15.
Orders Of The Day - Hansard - UK Parliament
02-06-97 Hansard
Further to that point of order, Madam Speaker. Before all this discussion ends, would not it be worth noting that it was not too long ago that the Tory Government introduced changes in procedure in the House? The hon. Member for Chesham and Amersham (Mrs. Gillan) might not have been listening, but the Tory Government got rid of the debates on money resolutions.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Hansard, 21 July 1949)
Despotic autocrats at the top, a subservient Reichstag and Gauleiters all over the country. Was that the kind of consituation that would have commended itself to hon. Members opposite? I am bound to express my agreement with the right hon. Member for Woodford (Mr. Churchill) when he said he doubted whether the formula "unconditional surrender" had had any detrimental effect at all. I hope that ...
Community Charge (Hansard, 28 March 1990)
HL Deb 28 March 1990 vol 517 cc876-915 876 § 3.10 p.m. § Baroness Stedman rose to call attention to the problems currently accompanying the imposition of the community charge as a means of raising local government finance; and to move for Papers. § The noble Baroness said: My Lords, I begin by saying that 1990–91 would have been a very difficult year for local authorities without the poll ...
Commons Chamber - Hansard - UK Parliament
01-06-91 Hansard
Hansard record of the item : 'Commons Chamber' on Saturday 1 June 1991.
§The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health (Mr. Blenkinsop) I beg to move, "That the Bill be now read a Second time." This Bill, which repeals the Local Government (Boundary Commission) Act, 1945, and winds up the Commission, is a logical and inevitable sequel to the findings of the Commission themselves as published in their reports and it casts no reflection whatever on the ...
Lords Chamber - Hansard - UK Parliament
18-11-91 Hansard
My Lords, in the past six months the Soviet ground forces have released at least 25,000 men from service. The Soviet navy has been reduced from 1,140 to 1,079 units and the Soviet air force has made a reduction of about 50 combat aircraft and about a further 300 combat-type aircraft from training roles.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Hansard, 1 April 1965)
§The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Michael Stewart) The opening speech in a foreign affairs debate must necessarily be selective. I have no doubt that during the debate hon.
School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Bill (Hansard, 27 ...
§Mr. Martin Flannery (Sheffield, Hillsborough) My hon. Friend the Member for Blackburn (Mr. Straw) raised a point of order about the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Bill, and I want to raise a completely different point of order about it.This Bill has been condemned as a violation of international law with regard to the teaching profession by the International Labour Organisation of the ...
TRANSPORT BILL (Hansard, 17 December 1946)
HC Deb 17 December 1946 vol 431 cc1785-894 1785 § Order read for resuming Adjourned Debate on Amendment to Question [16th December], "That the Bill be now read a Second time." § Which Amendment was, to leave out the word "now," and, at the end of the 1786 Question, to add, "upon this day six months."—[ Sir David Maxwell Fyfe.] § Question again proposed, "That the word 'now' stand part of ...
Lords Chamber - Hansard - UK ... -
26-11-92 Hansard
Hansard record of the item : 'Lords Chamber' on Thursday 26 November 1992.
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